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in washington in nearly 80 years. we have you covered. if you're going to the game. want to go to the game, or if you just want to avoid all those crowds. very exciting. good morning to you. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm richard jordan, in for aaron gilchrist this morning. mother nature appears to be a baseball fan too. it is going to be a nice day for a ball game. look at that. >> yes. very good weather so are fa. it is 56 degrees out there. cool start. veronica is here to tell us more. >> i'm so excited about the day. i'm glad the nats are back in town. i'm so happy we're going to have great weather around. >> wearing your red. >> wearing my red. i'll be hopefully wearing my red too if they win. the rest of the week, i'll be wearing my red. as far as what's happening right now, we do have clouds still out there, a little bit of mist, and a few light showers and sprinkles. that is going to end very soon. unlike the last couple of days where it just kind of lingered on and on, we're going to see the clouds move out. we're going to see sunshine in here, i think, by around 9:00 today. look at the satellite and radar
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review over the last few hours. you can see that clearing around charleston and west virginia. we're at 58 degrees here. new york city 53. philadelphia 59 degrees. we'll see the sunshine here. areas north of new york, probably staying in the clouds with showers around the area today. here's a look at the hour by hour forecast. for today, mid-60s noontime, with lots of sunshine, and a few clouds will start coming back in the afternoon. hitting 72 at 4:00 today. let's hit the roads with first 4 traffic. i'm tracking breaking news. if you're traveling northbound i-95 trying to take the exit ramp to eastbound 32. right now the exit ramp is blocked because of an accident is blocked at the end of the exit. again, you're starting to see big delays as you try to make your way from northbound i-95, trying to exit onto eastbound 32 just be aware of that.
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i'm going to keep much waing th -- watching that for you and let you know when the accident clears. starting to see volume here. really slow through newington. the good news is along i-95 in northern virginia, travel lanes are open. eun, back over to you. >> thank you so much. 6:02 now. we're just hours away from the first playoff baseball game in washington in nearly eight decades. the nationals host the cardinals in game three of the national league division series. news 4's tony tull is live at nationals park right now. tony, i hope you found your natitude. >> reporter: i found a little bit of it. 79 years, as you mentioned, since playoff ball was in d.c. by the way, gas prices, talk about it, the whole town. last time playoff baseball in d.c., gas was 18 cents a gallon. i want to make a quick correction. we were saying they had a couple hundred standing room only tickets. guess what? they have close to 1,000. if you're still thinking about coming to the game and you want
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standing room only tickets, you have a good chance. the gatbox office opens at 9:00 a.m., and the gates open at 10:30. with playoff baseball back in d.c., how is it being received outside the ballpark? you' you run into people outside in your neighborhood, going through the town. >> october baseball starts right here today. is there anything better in washington? everybody is fired up. everyone is talking nationals baseball and playoffs. who would have thought at the beginning of the year when we started this year, you and i talked back in april, that we'd be talking postseason baseball? as i look out at the field, i see the postseason marks for mlb and mlb network and the postseason out on the wall there, and it's pretty special, the fact that this community has come together to rally around this team. i remember going back to the take back the park against the phillies. people were questioning whether washington was a great sports town. there was no doubt our fans announced their natitude back then. they were going to be 43,000 strong swinging towels that say
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natitude on them and ready to get it done against the cardinals. >> if you're coming to the game, you need to look at your ticket and it says game one ticket. make sure people bring those because you won't be able to get into the stadium. >> make sure you bring your tickets. it says home game one. even though it's game three of the series, it's home game one for washington. there's going to be a lot going on here at the ballpark. >> reporter: gates open at 10:30. if you're thinking about snagging that last standing room only ticket, again, they have about 1,000. hurry up of t. the box office opens at 9:00 a.m. live at nats stadium, tony tull, news 4. some roads near nationals park are closing less than an hour from now. other streets will close at 10:30. ddot will have extra traffic control officers helping fans get in and out of the game. metro is running additional trains on the green line today, biking to the ballpark may also be the easiest way to get to the game.
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capital bike share will have plenty of bike spaces available. nationals park also offers a free bicycle valet service. this morning metro is out with a new crime report, and it blames stolen electronics for a spike in the numbers. the transit agency says crime is up almost 7% between january and now. that's compared to the same period last year. 79% of reported cases involve property damage, such as car break-ins, thefts, and arson. the other 21% included robbery, assault, rape, and homicide. the anacostia rail station had the highest number of cases, 113 crimes since january, more than double any other station. that was followed by college park and gallery place. the post-debate bump is real for romney. the survey of likely voters has the gop candidate leading 49%-47%. a pew research poll also gave romney the lead. president obama leads a separate gallup poll in a survey of re registered voters.
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romney is focusing in the battleground state of ohio for the second day today. no republican has won the election without winning ohio. a congressional committee will meet today to discuss last month's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. it's expected to focus on serious missteps by the state department. ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed in that attack. a state department official will be one of the witnesses to testify before the house oversight committee. he is expected to deny reports the state department ignored requests for additional security in libya in the weeks before the attack. today the supreme court will hear a case on whether race should be a factor considered in college admissions. the nine justices will hear the case of abigail fisher. she says she was denied admission to the university of texas austin in 2008 because she's white. the university says she was denied because she fell outside the top 10% of her class. the decision isn't expected until next year. now at 6:06 we're learning new information about a murder of a reporter. fauquier county sheriff's
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investigators now say sarah libby greenhall died from a gunshot wound to the neck. firefighters found the 48-year-old's body in july when her house caught fire in upperville, virginia. the chief medical examiner's office in manassas ruled her death a homicide. three months after her death, her mother still has questions. >> well, i was very surprised when i heard that because, obviously, it was a murder because we didn't know that in the beginning. we just knew that she had died. so when you hear that, i can't even process that, that why would she know anyone so violent? >> sarah wrote for the with the "winchester star" newspaper. they're working to solve the murder mystery. new this morning, fire fears lead to the biggest car recall since the mid-'90s. also an attack caught on camera. what makes it so troubling to police.
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a florida woman caught a lightning strike on video. she happened to be recording the storm at the time because she likes the sound of rain. a bolt of lightning hit the neighbor's tree and burst into flames in naples, florida. no one was hurt, but the lightning destroyed the outer lighting unit on the trees. >> that's right. that will get you to jump right out of your skin. 6:11, time for weather and traffic on the ones. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. weather improving? >> weather improving rapidly. as far as storms go, on a day like today you want to get outdoors. we've got lingering dampness. 57 degrees.
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not really bad at all the temperature, considering it's been in the 30s and 40s. noontime today nice with sunshine 66. 69 by 4:00. your high today 72 degrees. you'll get a lot of sunshine today. and we're back in the 60s behind another weather front. i'll be back at 6:21. we'll get your extended forecast. right now first 4 traffic. still tracking breaking news on the roads. if you're traveling northbound i-95 trying to take the ramp to eastbound 32. the ramp right now is backed up. here's what's happening. there's an accident on the ramp, and it's just completely shut the ramp down. if you're traveling along 32, you're seeing about a three-mile backup right now. so, again, that exit ramp is shut down. let's head over to other breaking news along 198 spencerville road at bur burtonsville drive. and a downed tree blocking broad branch road. it is a tough commute on the roads. but the rails look great. no reported delays on the metro,
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marc, or vre. richard and eun, back over to you. >> danella, thanks. time is 6:12. 63 degrees. ahead a man with an arsenal arrested at a major airport.
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. i'm angie goff at the news 4 live desk, where we're watching history happen in space, running ten minutes ahead of schedule, spacex's dragon capsule on its first ever cargo mission gets ready to dock at the international space station. we want to take a live look now.
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since we last showed you pictures an hour ago, the spacecraft has confirmed its position and is within 100 meters of the space station. the cargo ship carrying 1,000 pounds of supplies for the astronauts, who in an hour will use a robotic arm to snatch the spacecraft out of the sky. the ship will stay for about three weeks. ands it the first of a dozen unmanned supply runs planned. at the news 4 live desk, angie goff, news 4. new this morning, two americans have just won the nobel prize for chemistry. robert leftkowitz of stanford university and brian kuboka will win the top prize. they focused on receptors. police say two 26-year-olds arrived from egypt last night and are facing charges on terror in libya.
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we expect to learn more today from london. and questions into how a massachusetts man was able to go through airport security with a smoke grenade in his luggage. he was on his way from japan to boston. police arrested him on a connection flight at los angeles airport on friday. federal agents say the 28-year-old man was wearing a bullet-proof vest and flame retardant pants. they say he had the smoke grenade and other weapons in his luggage. they are not under the impression he was a terrorist. he made his first court appearance yesterday. a detention hearing is set for friday. now at 6:17, the man believed to be behind the anti-muslim film that sparked riots across the middle east is due in court today. a federal judge will decide if mark basseley youssef will be sent back to prison for violating probation. he was caught lying to probation officers and using aliases.
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federal officials say he used one of his aliases to help produce the film called "innocence of muslims." that movie is responsible for dozens of protests across the middle east. several families of the victims in that mass theater shooting in colorado are calling for an investigation into two charities. they say the groups used names and pictures of the victims to raise money without their permission. suspected shooter james holmes faces 140 counts related to the shooting in july. 12 people died. 57 others were hurt. a brutal attack caught on video in pittsburgh. a group of teenagers was walking by a man in an alleyway. all of a sudden, one of the teens slugs the man who's a popular teacher at a middle school. he's recovering from cuts and bruises. a warning to anyone who has had their car air bag replaced in the past few years. today the obama administration will release information about hundreds of thousands of coun r counterfeit air bags on the market.
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the national transportation highway administration ran tests on the counterfeit air bags, saying they don't inflate properly. dozens of vehicle models have counterfeit air bags. car owners who had a bag replaced over the last three years by a repair shop other than a new car dealership could be at risk. this morning toyota is recalling 7.4 million vehicles. it is the biggest recall in 16 years. that includes almost 2.5 million cars and suvs in the u.s. the voluntary recall is issued because power window switches can malfunction. among the models affected, toyota camry, rav4, highland, yaris and tundras made between 2005 and 2010. officials say no one has been hurt as a result of the problem. this is the largest recall since 1996 when ford recalled 7.9 million vehicles. a massachusetts town may be cursing the state's attorney general this morning for bad-mouthing their ban on foul language. this summer the town of
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middleborough voted a ban on cursing. get caught swearing in public, you'll be fined $20. the attorney general is keeping the town from enforcing the ban and recommending they change or repeal it. she says it violates free speech. the town says they were just tired of hearing foul language from teens. encouraging news for redskins rookie quarterback rg3. doctors have cleared him to practice today. it is no guarantee that he will play on sunday, though. griffin suffered a mild concussion during the third quarter last sunday as he scrambled for the sideline. and one player who will not be practicing today, kicker billy cundiff. the team released him. cundiff struggled this year making only 7 of the 12 field goals. khai forbath will take his place, recognized as the top kicker while playing for ucla in 2009. forbath kicker is the redskins' 19th kicker in 18 years, the most out of any team in the nfl. yesterday a big honor at the gaylord resort in national
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harbor. prince george's presented us with a partners for success award. nbc 4's president and general manager jackie bradford accepted the honor. nbc 4 has partnered with prince george's community college several times to organize events like the bluebird blues festival and community sleds. our own aaron gilchrist was the emcee at the event. >> congrats jackie and the team. 6:21. time for weather and traffic on the ones. here's veronica. perfect weather for baseball today or doing anything else outdoors today. we've been trapped with mornings of mist and fog. same deal this rng montmorning. it's going to lift quickly. temperatures throughout the area, look at that. 40s and 50s. 57 degrees in town. we're running some ten degrees higher. the only 30s showing up in winchester, virginia, right now, where it's 39. at the bus stop this morning, 46 to 55 degrees. the kids probably just needing a jacket. that fog will lift by, i think, around 8:00 or 9:00 a.m.
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take a look at what's off to the west of it. there's a cold front. that's going to move through later. dry without any rain. just a few clouds and a little breezy too as we take temperatures into the upper 60s to low 70s today. it's going to feel really nice. it gets cold again tonight. we lose the wind and highs in the 60s the remainder of the week. back to the 70s on sunday. danella? >> good morning. veronica, still tracking breaking news. here's what's happening if you're traveling eastbound on 32, passing the i-95 off ramp. that's where you're going to see the crash can bblocking the lefe as well as the off ramp. if you're traveling northbound 95 trying to take the exit for eastbound 32, you're going to see a crash at the end of the exit, and that's where the delays are. cars are squeezing by the accident but very slowly. in that last report, i'm seeing that accident is just blocking the ramp. you may be able to slowly work your way around. i would avoid it if possible. delays are starting from i-95.
6:23 am
heavy on the brakes as you pass new hampshire avenue, it's difficult to see. you are slow. once you pass new hampshire avenue, things get a little better, but you are sluggish as you pass towards colesville road. over to 395, delays here in virginia northbound, start at the beltway. sluggish to seminary road. from seminary to the 14th street bridge is not a bad commute. no accidents to report in the area. >> danella, thanks so much. the next inauguration day could be big business for metro. how much these will sell for and what else the agency wants to charge for.
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a pawn store security camera captured a nasty home run on tape. you can see the man crossing the street in charlotte over the weekend when he's mowed down by an suv. he's thrown about ten feet into the air. he was not seriously hurt. he managed to get to his house three blocks away and call for help. police are hoping this video
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will lead to the driver who hit the pedestrian. whether it's marinara sauce or adding them to your sandwich, tomatoes could reduce your risk of stroke. men who had the highest levels of licopene found in tomatoes had a lower risk of stroke, reduced by as much as 55%. licopene is found the most in cooked tomatoes. watermelon, groapefruit also hae licopene. you don't like tomatoes? i'm sad that summer is over because they're so delicious. now, homeowners fed up. the big problems they're bringing to light. and you really have to see it to believe it. the local traffic circle that's so confusing a driver ended up on the grass. [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions
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a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
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it is a story that will make parents cringe, a student being
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interviewed about bullying chased away on camera. what he's doing today to fight back. good morning and welcome to news 4 today. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm richard jordan. aaron is off this morning. today is a day 79 years in the making. the nationals host a home playoff game for the first time since 1933. fair warning, that roar you hear just after 1:00 this afternoon is not thunder. it will be coming from nats park. the sun could be tricky for players, but what a day for baseball. >> meteorologist veronica johnson is out on the weather deck with a look at the first 4 forecast. >> i've got on this coat right now, but you can get by with just a jacket this morning. if you're going to the game, even if you're not going to the game, it's going to be kind of sweatshirt weather at times today. here's a look at the forecast. the baseball fores cast. the first pitch today at 1:07. take on the cardinals. right now looking for sunshine.
6:32 am
we're going to have a good chunk of the day right in the middle with lots of sun and a few clouds. we're going to see a few clouds streaming in by 4:00 and a little breezy too with the approach of a cold front. doesn't look like we're going to have any rain. we'll see a high temperature topping out at 70 degrees, 72 right in town. right now we're in the upper 40s to 50s. last couple of mornings, we've been in the 40s. it's been definitely chilly and cold in some areas, especially north and west. right now at the bus stop for the kids, jackets needed in order for the morning. it's a little damp too. by the time the sun comes up, and we get sunshine here for a couple of hours, it's going to turn out to be a very nice day. let's get a look at first 4 traffic again with danella sealock. still seeing a crash along eastbound 32 at the off-ramp for northbound i-95. what's happening is that crash is blocking the left lane. if you're traveling eastbound at 32, you're looking at at least a two-mile backup on that area.
6:33 am
if you're looking to take the ramp to eastbound 32, that's where you're also seeing delays because that ramp is blocked by the crash. let's head over and talk about some delays on 50 in maryland. from landover road inbound toward new york avenue, you are sluggish as you connect to new york avenue. let's talk about delays on i-66. i-66 usual suspects. i'm going to give you a live look as you make your way really from sudley, heavy on the brakes and stop and go over to the beltway. october is bullying awareness month. one frederick county, maryland teen is all too aware of the problems of bullying. a 15-year-old boy named preston deener was set to do an interview with a hagerstown tv station about bullying when three boys approached him and attacked him. cameras caught the end of the incident with preston running away. last week he says he was suspended for fighting back against a bully but his attacker was not suspended. his mom says she's come up with a plan with officials at brunswick high school to make sure he is not bullied anymore.
6:34 am
>> preston will have people, if he's going to be at another activity, there will be someone to escort him from the school to the activity. there will be people in class. all the teachers are now aware of the situation. it's more or less now they're taking precaution, and now they're actually trying to help us the best they can. >> frederick county school officials say they're working on identifying the students who bullied preston. now at 6:34, some renters in prince george's county say their apartments are falling apart, and management is not doing anything to help them. the issue has spread to more than 1,000 units at the bedford station, victoria station in newbury park. residents say they're dealing with holes in the floors and ceilings and bed bugs. management hasn't responded to any of their complaints. >> we're not being responded to a crisis that's now to the point of even a civil rights crisis.
6:35 am
>> renters also say the security force is overly aggressive, even assaulting residents who didn't have their i.d. on them. management did not return news 4's phone calls, but a county spokesman says the management group has until october 20th to fix the violations. today howard brooks, a former campaign aide to mayor gray, will be sentenced on krums charges. brooks admitted in may that he lied to the fbi about funneling money to fringe mayoral candidate suleiman brown. brown says he was paid by the gray campaign to bash then mayor adrian fenty. they expect brooks will be sentenced to probation and not jail time because he was providing substantial assistance to their investigation. brooks is one of three former aides to plead guilty to corruption charges. kwame brown is under new strict rules until his sentencing next month. the u.s. district judge from 6:6 --
6:36 am
set a curfew from 11:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. he failed to report by phone three times. the former d.c. council chairman must follow these rules in order to remain free until his sentencing. 12 people have died from that meningitis outbreak linked to tainted steroid ininjections. a 70-year-old man died from the same strange of fungal meningitis. virginia has confirmed 24 cases, including one death. maryland has eight cases of meningitis, also one death there. the tainted steroid shots used for back pain came from a massachusetts specialty pharmacy. all drugs from that pharmacy have now been recalled. 6:36 is your time now. the "today" show is coming up next at 7:00. let's check in now with savannah guthrie to see what they're working on today. good morning, savannah. nice to see you. coming up on a wednesday morning on "today," more on the presidential race as both president obama and mitt romney focus in on ohio.
6:37 am
is the president spending too much time talking about big bird? we're going to ask a senior adviser to his campaign. also ahead, the fbi searches the home of a missing 10-year-old colorado girl. we'll have details on that and hear from the girl's parents for the first time since their daughter's disappearance. and then we'll take a turn and ask what happens when mom goes on strike. the answer, as you might guess, one big mess. we're going to meet a woman who just taught her daughters a valuable lesson. those stories plus some simple style changes that can make you look ten years younger. sounds pretty good when we get started on a wednesday morning here on "today." eun, back to you. >> it does sound good. i'm going to get my kids to watch it to see what happens when mom goes on vacation at home. >> it's an amazing story. definitely fun to watch. >> thank you, savannah. see you soon. metro's money making plan for inauguration day. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
6:38 am
when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business
6:39 am
creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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take a look. one driver did not know how to get around logan traffic circle in the district. so as you can see here, the person just drove through the grass and onto the sidewalk to get to rhode island avenue. josh ritz captured monday's incident on video. someone did call the police, but we don't know if officers were able to catch up with the driver. >> i wonder how many loops that driver took around the circle before they were finally fed up. let's go on the grass. >> traffic circles are
6:42 am
confusing. dupont. thomas circle is the one that confuses me. >> time for weather and traffic on the ones. >> let's go to veronica johnson. hey, v.j. >> no circles for us. we're going straight up today. 'toing out at just over 70 degrees. this morning it's not bad either. monday morning and tuesday morning, we had temperatures in the mid to upper 40s around d.c. look at washington now. 57 degrees. up in montgomery county, 57 too. sandy spring, up in 54. also 54 in landover, maryland. here's a look at the hometown forecast for culpeper, virginia. 40s at 8:00 a.m. under a partly sunny sky to full sunshine at 61. we'll hit a high today of upper 60s to low 70s throughout the area. in just a couple of minutes, we'll take a look at the seven day forecast and look at the weekend coming up in a few. right now first 4 traffic.
6:43 am
>> good morning. slow commute on i-66 as you make your way eastbound at sudley. you'll find your right lane blocked by a vehicle in that area, and your delays are pretty significant. let's head over to the beltway at colesville road. had a crash, it was blocking the left center lane. it's now moved to the shoulder lane. this is just past colesville road as you make your way past georgia avenue. really jammed i-95. sluggish past colesville road, and delays continue as you head towards georgia avenue. over to the rails, brunswick east, train number 872, has stopped at the germantown station because of a sick passenger. richard, over to you. >> thanks, danella. >> it's me, big bird. big, yellow, a menace to our economy. >> the producers of sesame street says this political ad featuring big bird doesn't fly. sesame workshop wants president obama's cam tan to stop running it. the ad mocks romney in last week's debate when he vowed to
6:44 am
end federal funding for public broadcasting. sesame street says they are nonpartisan and nonprofit and do not take sides. the latest gallup survey of likely voters says mitt romney leads 49%-47%. a pew research poll also gave romney the lead. president obama leads a separate gallup poll in a survey of registered voters. today romney is spending a second day in the battle ground state of ohio. metro could finalize its inauguration day plans this week. the transit agency expected between 500,000 and 800,000 people to ride its buses and trains january 21st. metro is also considering commemorative smart trip cards. one design features president obama, the other mitt romney. riders have to pay peak time fares despite inauguration day falling on the martin luther king jr. holiday. drivers also have to pay weekday fares instead of holiday prices.
6:45 am
metro's finance committee will review the proposals tomorrow. >> metro is out with its latest crime report, and it blames stolen electronics for a spike in the numbers. the transit agency says crime is up almost 7% between january and now compared to the same time period last year. 79% of all cases include property damage, such as car break-ins, thefts, and arson. the other 21% included robbery, assault, rape, and homicide. the anacostia rail station had the highest number of cases, 113 crimes since january. that was followed by college park and gallery place. the one of this year's biggest sporting events in washington may cause one of the city's biggest traffic headaches this year. tens of thousands of people will pack nationals park this afternoon for the nats first home playoff game. streets around the ballpark will close minutes from now. ddot says it will cause issues for thousands of drivers who couldn't even go to the game. could let out as the rush is
6:46 am
beginning. traffic control officers will make sure the commute runs safely and smoothly for drivers and pedestrians. metro is also running extra trains today on the green line. those transportation troubles don't matter to thousands of baseball fans who have waited years for a game like this one. news 4's tony tull is live at nationals park with more. tony, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. to be exact, over 43,000 people. that's what they're expecting in attendance here at nats park. 1:07 is supposed to be game time. guys, take one last live look at the stadium here. it is absolutely beautiful. the calm before the storm. you can see the grass, fantastic shape. you can guarantee those seats are going to be filled come this afternoon. take a live look up there by the suites. they're doing some last minute final preparations to get ready for the game. speaking of preparations, andy pfeffer, coo, you haven't dealt with playoff baseball in d.c. what have you had to do to get ready for this game today? >> it is a historic moment. 79 years since playoff baseball was here. it's been a lot. we really started back in june.
6:47 am
we don't really like talking about it because we never wanted to jinx going into the playoffs, but the preparation for ticket sales and getting tickets ready, today, last night, all the folks making it a great experience for the fans, delivering hot dogs and beers and cleaning the seats and making sure this place is perfect for them before they get here to experience something really unique in baseball, it's a big tribute to all those folks who come out and make it happen for them. >> and we do want to mention, we've been talking about it every half hour, if you don't have a ticket to the game and wanted to come, they have 1,000 standing room only tickets for sale and a couple single seat tickets available as well. box office opens at 9:00 a.m. ga gates open at 10:30. very exciting as they have their first playoff game. >> eun, richard, you guys got tickets? >> i wish i was going to the game. i should get one of those standing room only tickets. should be a great day for it.
6:48 am
you may not be able to tell your boss that you're actually missing work to go to a baseball game. that means you need a good excuse if you're going to cheer on the nats. we've asked some fans what they'll say. don't worry. we're protecting their identities. >> the internet is down. the entire internet. >> you can't do anything? >> i can't. i can't do any work. >> it's very upsetting. >> i am so upset that i cannot work on the internet today. >> my cat is sick. >> i hate it when your cat gets sick. >> my grandmother's cat. >> oh, it's your grandmother's cat. >> it's my grandmother's cat. >> and that cat -- >> is in pittsburgh. >> and you have to go to pittsburgh to look after it. that's going to take all day. >> all day. >> anything for grandma, though. come on. if you're going to watch the game on television, it's airing on the mlb network. if you are going to today's game, you have your boss' permission, we want to see pictures of the historic game. e-mail them to
6:49 am, and you can follow the playoff run at very exciting. go nats. >> orioles fans getting fired up for their team's game. o's take on the yankees tonight in the american league division series. the teams plit the first two games of the series in baltimore. tonight's game is in new york. first pitch is set for just after 7:30. the fbi and local police are looking for one nats fan. this guy robbed the td bank on connecticut avenue northwest on friday wearing a nationals hat. he went up to demanded money and left the bank. he hailed a cab to make his getaway. if you know this man, please contact d.c. immediately. a congressional committee will meet for last week's attack on benghazi. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack. a state department official will be among the witnesses to testify before a house oversight committee. he is expected to deny reports the state department ignored requests for additional security
6:50 am
in libya in the weeks before the attack. the time is 6:49. today the supreme court will hear a case on whether race should be a factor considered in college admissions. the nine justices will hear the case of abigail fisher. she says she was denied admission to the university of texas austin in 2008 because she's white. the university says she was denied because she fell outside the top 10% of her class. a decision is not expected until next year. federal investigators may have a fight on their hands. they're making serious accusations against a major bank. cnbc's courtney reagan is live with that. courtney, good morning. >> hi, good morning to you, eun. the u.s. government is suing wells fargo, accusing the bank of reckless mortgage lending. the suit claims the company misrepresented the quality of thousands of mortgages so they could be eligible for federal loan insurance. the bank had applied for fha protection, meaning if the mortgages defaulted, the government would pick up the tab. the government is seeking millions of dollars of damages.
6:51 am
wells fargo denies the allegations saying many of the issues raised in the suit were already addressed with the department of housing and urban development. i have a feeling we've not heard the end of this, and it will drag on for quite some time. >> courtney, thanks so much. a frederick, maryland brewery has created a unique way to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the civil war. they're producing a beer using a civil war era recipe. the first batch called antietam ale is being sold. the u.s. civil war museum is helping produce the beer and will receive $1 for every case sold. if you want to try it yourself, it's available at brewer's alley on north market street in frederick. >> winter bruise, change of seasons, different kind of beers coming out. >> tasty. let's go. >> news 4 meteorologist veronica johnson with a great day for baseball. finally, it's back to
6:52 am
feeling like october around here. it's not going to last very long, just for one little day, one short day. >> the right day, though. >> exactly. for the right day. our temperatures currently in the 40s and 50s. one little spot where we're in the 30s. that is winchester, virginia. everywhere else, we're about five to ten degrees now higher than we were yesterday at this same time, and we are seeing the skies clear a little bit back to the west. areas of west virginia and around the blue ridge, we're seeing a little clearing, and we'll see more by 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. breaking into sunshine. then we'll see a few clouds roll back into the area. this cold front doesn't have a lot of rain with it. up to the north, northern ohio, there's a few showers right now. it will really fall apart as it comes over the mountains and should arrive here about 4:00 or 5:00, right around the time when the game is ending. it's going to turn a little breezy later today. really nice. again, feeling like october, seasonable sunshine. 69 to 73 degrees, the
6:53 am
temperature. for the evening, we're partly cloudy, breezy, 52 to 59 degrees, and it gets cold again during the overnight. i know, just what you wanted to hear. it's kind of hard to figure out what to wear in the morning, the jacket or coat. we fall back to the 30s and mid-40s. the remainder of the week, we're drying in the 60s. then we'll see temperatures head back up again on sunday into the mid-70s. still dry conditions going into next week. let's get another look at traffic with danella. looking like a slow wednesday in our area. still watching i-66 heading eastbound at sudley. big delays. as you make your way toward sudley road, you're going to see the right center lane blocked by a disabled vehicle. let's head over to i-270. sluggish here as well. southbound at father hurley boulevard, your delays continue all the way to rockville as you connect to the beltway. i'm checking for accidents. not seeing any accidents. you know how 270 goes. just slow for this time. over to the rails, still seeing about a 30-minute delay on the
6:54 am
brunswick east train number 872. it was stopped at the germantown station because of a sick passenger. now the train is on the move, just slow. richard, over to you. >> danella, thanks. seven minutes now until 7:00. a montgomery county law maker is talking about a potential county-wide gas tax. montgomery county council president roger beuerleiner said a gas tax would help fund public projects like the purple line. the move comes after governor martin o'malley failed in his attempts to raise the gas tax. gambling is maryland with a high stakes game and now the most expensive ballot measure in the state's history. no doubt you've seen the ads for both sides. more than $36 million has been spent to sway voters. penn national, the primary opposition to the measure, has spent $18 million and has more left to spend. while gambling giant mgm grand and other supporters has spent more than $17.7 million to bring table games and a sixth casino to the state.
6:55 am
that means the question 7 is already outpacing the most expensive governor's race on the record. that came back in 2006 when then mayor martin o'malley and incumbent governor robert ehrlich spent $34 million. breaking news right now. angie goff at the news 4 live desk. good morning, angie. >> good morning, richard. we have breaking news out of yemen. security officials there say they have detained a u.s. citizen suspected to have links to al qaeda. the american was arrested in a hotel and had two u.s. passports and a german one on him. washington considers yemen's al qaeda branch to be the terror network's most dangerous group. so far, no word from the u.s. embassy. angie goff, back to you. now we are taking a live look at the spacex dragon was it inches towards docking with the international space station. it's the first ever commercial space cargo mission.
6:56 am
the cargo ship is carrying 1,000 pounds of supplies for astronauts on the space station. in less than 30 minutes, they'll use a robotic arm to grab and lock onto the capsule. a local photographer is a finalist in nasa's extreme photo contest. brian allen is a journalist with voice of america and an amateur photographer. he took this picture. very cool. allen says he was at an apartment in rosslyn when the storm rolled through and captured the photo. the "today" show is next. [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions
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